Recent Before & After Photos

Tropical Storm Related Hardwood Floor Damage

The Before Photo depicts an oak floor warped from the pooling water that accumulated. It was not removed for some days from this home in Siesta Key. Technicians... READ MORE

Fire Ravaged House in Osprey

This house in Osprey, as shown in the damage to the kitchen, suffered significant fire damage. Most areas of the structure required some demolition. Our SERVPRO... READ MORE

Water Damage – Sarasota Office

Water damage at this Sarasota office was the result of a broken pipe above the ceiling. SERVPRO of South Sarasota was called in to fix the plumbing failure and ... READ MORE

Sarasota Condo Flooding of Mail Room

The tropical storm dumped volumes of dirty, contaminated water inside the mailroom of this Sarasota area condominium. Since the mail must go through, SERVPRO te... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Sarasota Home

Storm damage in Sarasota often happens when the roofing of a house is compromised by the wind or flying objects. When this happens, the damage can be more than ... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Shower Stall in Siesta Key

This mold damage in Siesta Key to a condominium unit shower stall was the result of a slow water drip in the supply line. The owners were away for the season, s... READ MORE

Sarasota Home Office and Water Damage

The coupling gave way in the bathroom water supply line spewing clean water throughout several rooms of this home in Sarasota. Water wicking into the baseboards... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Sarasota Kitchen

Fire damage to this Sarasota kitchen began with an unattended pot on the stove. After the fire had begun, it moved up and around the hood to the cabinetry and t... READ MORE

Municipal Garage Inundated with Storm Water

The tropical storm dumped more water in the parking lot of this municipal maintenance facility than could be drained before water intrusion occurred. All the he... READ MORE

Townhouse Flooding in Sarasota

The invading ground water from the tropical storm left about an inch of water in parts of the lower level of this townhouse in Sarasota. The water was wicking i... READ MORE